Tough Components always seek products perfection and productive efficiency; these targets enable us to become a reliable partner of major OEM. Manufacturers need to count on our uninterrupted reliability and supplies continuity, which Tough Components have been developing through the years  with our evaluated customers. Thanks to this co-operation Tough Components have become a world reference supplier for GET market. International OEM manufaturers have been equipping their machines for decades with Tough Components, Italricambi and MTM high quality and good value products.


Such continuous and profitable business relationship is an important recognition of Tough Components to be fully qualified for excellence, efficiency and convenience. These values have convinced important bucket manufactures and dealers to choose Tough Components.


Tough Components products are worldwide offered through a sales network based on most important and qualified Dealers in each country. Our Dealers make a choice of offering a complete range of products tested against toughest  applications and  most extreme environmental conditions.


Tough Components stand out for partnership with customers, granted assistance and full support in developing new and customized products according to each field requirements.